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Another one of those posts.

Thought I should Re-rendered the character guy. Experimenting with Zbrush's rendering and I am loving it.

Hi-poly model asset made in Maya and rendered in Zbrush for a project. Its use was to be a tiling texture that was to be baked onto a plane and used as a coffered ceiling or really anything that the scene would allow.  These sculpted assets are for an environment I worked on called The Cafe based off of Lynn Chen concept piece. Check out her artsation, it's filled with goodies. I explored her concept because I liked her style but wanted to do a little bit more exploring and style mashing.

Will be posting more images as the clock ticks. Thanks for looking.

Silhouette #2

So I've been working on several different concepts in different poses for the character I had last time. I'm currently working on about 5 others at the same time right now and it's coming along well. Everything is starting to the basic silhouette of the character. Now comes the detail phase and working on trying to get it model and looking good. But that is down the road from now, and hopefully not to far down the road. However this is what I have to show at the moment.

So with these 3 I was trying to find the character. What I learned from this was that foreshortening does not work well with silhouettes. I slowly started to morph him out of the position he was in and started moving him into an action pose but still keeping, or attempting to keep the silhouette my friend, but add more action and characteristic into the pose. 

 Now these 3 started to me to show more of the previous style while showing the characters almost cautiousness. I started to fix and address some p…

More of the same

So here is what I've been working on so far. As of right now I feel like I should take at least a 2 day break on this so that when I come back to it I can come at it with fresh eyes. But here is what I got.

I mostly think like this digital painting is finished, however, I feel like there is probably one or two more things that are missing from the overall piece that I want to play with in the next couple of days. But I am pleased with the "final" design of the piece. 
Now I  just need to come up with a title. 
That works.


Haven't been able to blog recently, on-top of not having anything to paint or draw on for about 2 weeks. Got to do some doodling last week but having nothing to help document it with. Finally got the chance to do so on Monday and haven't looked back since. Decided to post some of my process for my on-going project this summer (on-top of 5 other different things). The underlying sketch is a silhouette my friend did for me. I took it into photoshop to show him more of what I wanted and started playing around with the character shape. Started doing more of a piece instead of just a quick study for my friend. Will post more as I explore more into this character.