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Another one of those posts.

Thought I should Re-rendered the character guy. Experimenting with Zbrush's rendering and I am loving it.

Hi-poly model asset made in Maya and rendered in Zbrush for a project. Its use was to be a tiling texture that was to be baked onto a plane and used as a coffered ceiling or really anything that the scene would allow.  These sculpted assets are for an environment I worked on called The Cafe based off of Lynn Chen concept piece. Check out her artsation, it's filled with goodies. I explored her concept because I liked her style but wanted to do a little bit more exploring and style mashing.

Will be posting more images as the clock ticks. Thanks for looking.


Been posting about GDC in the recent weeks, so here is some work that I showed around. Will be posting updates on GDC talks, Environments and Paintings soon enough. As for now Enjoy!

Story and presence GDC 2013


Story != plot
Narrative The end experience in the player
What is holding us back here The basic problem is that every game has a sort of box This sort of box is what the player should sort of understand Blackbox approach When you do something you don't do it for the emotional part you do it for the mechanical part So the mechanical game should fit the emotional feel you are trying to get across
The brain just mold and shapes what ever is appraise Our virtue selves being inside of this virtue world.
Our self is based on feedback It is possible to manipulate  When something is challenging it hinders our emotional to fully blossom 
Axiom 1  Interaction is to create presence  We are playing a virtue representation of the game inside of our heads
Axiom 2 Keep systems simple rely on imagination