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Another one of those posts.

Thought I should Re-rendered the character guy. Experimenting with Zbrush's rendering and I am loving it.

Hi-poly model asset made in Maya and rendered in Zbrush for a project. Its use was to be a tiling texture that was to be baked onto a plane and used as a coffered ceiling or really anything that the scene would allow.  These sculpted assets are for an environment I worked on called The Cafe based off of Lynn Chen concept piece. Check out her artsation, it's filled with goodies. I explored her concept because I liked her style but wanted to do a little bit more exploring and style mashing.

Will be posting more images as the clock ticks. Thanks for looking.

2 Paintings

These two paintings are the last of 4 (I'm thinking I got 2 more to paint, gonna be like 30" by 40" or something big like that instead of these smaller ones) in the series, and well my own exploration, I will be adhering them to wood so my narrative is also added to the whole theme of the paintings. The one to the right is from the color study that I posted a couple of days ago. It's still a wip in my opinion but it is close to done, just got to put a few finishing touches to it.

The one on the right is also pretty much done. This has 2 things that I wanted to tie into it. It was inspired by a song called Five Minutes by 431 which I'll be posting a progression video/ time lapse of me painting. What's cool is that I mixed the second with the feelings of the the world of my series so it can consist in the same realm and story. So I picked up on the two feelings of the song and the series and just mashed them together. I hope you enjoy!

The art of Dear Esther GDC Talk

Building an environment to tell a story
Robert briscoe

Started from a mod in 08
Was originally a research project it did pretty well
Was built around exploring the world

Engaging voice over
Rich detailed history and story

Make the background apart of the story telling process  immerse the player
Realism vs immersion
Looked at impressionistic paintings
They were so mysterious immersive and atmospheric

Impressionistic qualities
A string sense did light atmosphere
Evoking emotions over reality
Expressionism through the light colors

Test 2 Came more softer and colorful colors
Brought more creative freedom
Realism isn't the holy grail of immersion
Importance of detail
Connecting the story of the world

Missing important narrative details
huge potential to add to the story

Terrain is like the stage in which the story takes place
Connecting the story to the environment
Make sure the details are consistent with the story or else it wil really break the sense of immersion

Expanding the stor…

Color Study for painting

Title says all. Quick thumbnail of a painting I did last night, just testing it in photoshop to see if I wanted to bring the yellow down. Will post painting tomorrow, however, here is the color wip test!

New thangs

Some new paintings I have done for my series and my own exploration. Having fun with these and loving the results.

 I've got about 5 more to do. The rest of the paintings are not totally finished but they are on there way to being done. Will post more when I am finished. If you like any please feel free to contact me! Enjoy!

Some Stuff

My Lighting Process and Props for the level we built Last Semester.  Right now working on a Side scroller. Enjoy!

GDC Notes: Properties of atmospheric games

Properties of atmospheric games
Tonal cohesion
Internal consistency nothing to due with realism
Specific detail

Meteoric prime
MGS4 snake struggle crawl

Atmosphere: in order to work at all needs to be order
Atmosphere is its unique feel
Games that create this type of tone and create assets that work around this tone
Atmosphere have no fidelity requirement

Theme central idea of work
Tone authors attitude towards the theme
Atmosphere: theme+ tone

People were always getting ready for tomorrow..
For a thousand years they haves ruled. Yet now, there are only ten...

Why it matters
Atmosphere should fit with everything else in the game
Sometimes fun needs to take a back seat to atmosphere
It can give you a cohesive experience
The pieces dont fit together okay it fits perfectly. That's what atmosphere should do
Can create the impression that the game is better than it really is.
Atmosphere builds investment into the player

GDC Notes: Level Design

Level design case studies
Cut the rope

The goals in level design
Make player feel smart
Appeal both to causal and advanced player
Keep players hungry for more
-Positive reinforcement
-Self manageable difficulty
-enable planning (not trail and error)
-the solution of the level should look logical, elegant and reproducible
-Level design shouldn't uncover the weakness of the game/engine
-tutorial level shouldn't be passable without using the principle it explains
-it's ok to break those rules

For level designers the important thing is fail rate and skip rate
Player wants more

Level design postmortem

Level design is about teaching
Teaching the player of how your mechanics work
Teaching them how to become a master at your game
Consider the target audience
Level design micro and macro

Level design Marco
Add elements progressively, one at a time
Could be some be form of practice

Treat a combination of elements

A a+b b c

A b a+b c a+c b+c a+b+c

Localization becomes l…


Gdc was awesome as well as San Fransisco. It was nice to see people, teachers, and friends loose up and enjoy the moment of being somewhere else. Not having to worry about work or school but just to learn and enjoy the possibilities of video games, and what they can be with like minded individuals. I had fun this week and of course will miss the city by the bay. I will post the notes I took on some of the talks I went to, but right now I'm just reminiscing. Sitting in the airport I saw a quote by Walter Cronkite and it hasn't hit me till now, getting ready to leave. The Quote reads, "Leaving San Francisco is like saying goodbye to an old sweetheart. You want to linger as long as possible."

I'll be back next year.


So while I was bored rendering I decided to paint a little. It is going to be a very long night. Getting ready for gdc. San Fran is only a couple of hours away. Cannot Wait.