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Another one of those posts.

Thought I should Re-rendered the character guy. Experimenting with Zbrush's rendering and I am loving it.

Hi-poly model asset made in Maya and rendered in Zbrush for a project. Its use was to be a tiling texture that was to be baked onto a plane and used as a coffered ceiling or really anything that the scene would allow.  These sculpted assets are for an environment I worked on called The Cafe based off of Lynn Chen concept piece. Check out her artsation, it's filled with goodies. I explored her concept because I liked her style but wanted to do a little bit more exploring and style mashing.

Will be posting more images as the clock ticks. Thanks for looking.

Some Ole Bakes

Been super busy but posting what progress I've got on this dooder.

Testing this in editor. Seeing how the bakes come out and how they play in editor.

Then playing around in maya to see how the range of value will be. Playing around with the Valve Dota Character method out. Now playing more in depth with the texture. Trying to resolve some issues that are slightly difficult since the whole model is much harder to grasp then just the face. But learning as I work. Having a blast. Playing with how much noise he can have. Its a push and pull process for sure.
Will post more in the coming days!

An exploratory doodle and extras

Was bored and wanted to get back in the groove of things. Did a quick study with this exploratory process. Think it could be pushed in a lot of areas. 
As I uploading an idea popped into my head and thought hmm I wonder what this will look like. So for the heck of it I think I am going to post it.
To me it feels kind of menacing even though its mirrored, but the juxtaposition of the images making one image is what I find really interesting and eerie. 
This is a texturing test. Just to see what this would look like on a model. Going to be testing this out on other smaller models as well just so I can get a rough idea of how this process works for in game assets.

Update on boss

Because I did not hit the hat-trick yesterday I am posting again today.

Liking where this is going. Lots of sculpting to do. Enjoy!

Oh and some other stuff.

Just doing some other experimental work. Been really busy cranking things out and exploring new ways to texture in 3d while still trying to use that texture to be a "canvas" of sorts. These textures were all mapped to a surface of an object in Maya. They are also what I would call paintings. Hence the whole "canvas of sorts" idea.  These were really fun to do. Maybe soon I can show off some super-secrets-images!

Some props I made a little while back. I feel like I am on a roll. Posting Twice in a day. Maybe I can get a hat-trick!  Enjoy!

Character I'm working on

So I decided to make a character and try some things that I've been wanting to do for a little while now. Just blocking out the shape of him in Zbrush. Building his form. Trying to capture his essence that I wanted him to have.

Then, I got the basic building blocks of him I started doing paint-overs to his form and silhouette to push his design even further. Just so I clarify (to myself) even more where I am going with his design, shape, and essence. Real cheap way to figure things out, without wasting time in zbrush.

Then I took what I learned and applied it to the model pushing his design and shape along. Lastly, I started doing rougher but clearer paint overs of what his coat might look like, and what the feeling of it might be.

I like all 3 and have been going back and forth over which one to pick. All 3 have a layering effect of cloth and weight to his appearance. With the shield it should be balanced over all. I will post more on this guy as soon as it comes.  Also, if time…